Lauren - Taurusroad


Hey, it’s Lauren.

I am so glad you are here. This is my story.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion and drive to help others. I love seeing the way projects take shape and have an eye for processes that support growth and efficiency. It excites me to utilize my love for design and knack for strategic business planning to fully dive into the world of brand development, marketing strategy, and design within my local community and beyond.

Combining my passion and skills along with deep roots in entrepreneurship and the local community, I’ve dedicated my days work to creating something that supports the importance of marketing strategy while showcasing creativity and professionalism as a way to help business take pride in their brand and its future.

Witness the Journey that is Taurusroad.


Our Proven Process



Building Trust

Establish a Game Plan

Design, Develop & Build

Launch & Closeout

Mission & Values

Taurusroad works to create brand consistency through a number of strategies. We aim to equip business owners and their team with the tools they need to confidently grow their brand and overall marketing.

Our mission is to help your business grow by empowering the individuals that make up your team and those you partner with.

We want to help eliminate the chaos.

We aspire to build relationships.

We believe in making things accessible & transparent.

We aim to have fun.

Learn More About the Meaning Behind Taurusroad

The astrological sign Taurus is all about passion, patience, and perseverance. Tauruses are well known in business because they bring a strong recognition of value, creativity, abundance, and security to the spaces they occupy. 

When Tauruses set their mind to something, it is guaranteed to happen. Taurusroad is living proof of that, our owner and founder Lauren is a Taurus, and you can tell because working alongside a Taurus can be truly awe-inspiring as they contribute integrity, strength, and consistency alongside their creative talents. 

Taurusroad embodies the journey businesses take while empowering and supporting our partners on their unique paths to fulfillment and success.